About L&b.el and The 1 & Only

L&b.el---A independent art group founded 2007 in Hong Kong
The One & Only---is a world wide artist centre launched by Lab.el in 2008.Embracing the concept of hybrid, our mission is build a new unique global mix of creator centre, and other forms of creative expression through a FreeMag and Exhibition. The One & Only is base in HK & China, using the power of the city to attract the most innovative creative collaborators from around the world. We are passionate about the development of new ideas with creators and connecting them to our audience and clients. 
"The One & Only"代表唯一/一個人/單獨一個,確實是一人運作的公司。由Lab.el於08年創立。

"The One & Only zine"一本沒有文字的視覺藝術免費雜誌,以不定期方式出版。我們不用文字註解,選擇以純圖片作最直接的表達。每期來自世界各地的創作人會以同一主題創作。作品包括:插畫/數碼繪畫/攝影/時裝等。

Take away points : Kubrick BC / Kubrick APM / Basheer Book Shop / Agnes b galleries / G.O.D. shop / Kapok

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